Tyrese Gibson – Compartmentalization Part 2 (Must Watch) “LOYALTY HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE”

Part 2 from Tyrese Gibson. Words of wisdom about taking control of your own life. What’s on your menu? Do you like what is served at your table or will you send it back? It is always your choice. You need to change your mind to change your life! Preach!


Instinct VS Technology [Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha]

Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha.

I tried to think of something really funny that may have happened to me or a funny joke that I knew of but my mind went completely blank on the subject.  Darn it!  I’d like to think I am pretty funny too but not today, apparently.

So the other day a co-worker sent me this video from YouTube and I thought it was hilarious.  Enjoy!!