What Drives You to Share?

Ever wonder why entertainers entertain us? On the cruise, I watched a few shows after our dinner service and they were very entertaining but I couldn’t help but wonder what drives you and I to perform for an audience. Your performance can be over any genre and on any venue, but why do we do it?

Is it because we love to entertain others, to see their enjoyment of our talents that we can offer an audience who are interested? Or it an inner yearning for the recognition with wish to get from a simple clap, cheer or even standing ovation?

My question is as a performer, as a public blogger, do you or I do it for ourselves, the yearn for acceptance and recognition or to simply share our special talents with an audience in hopes to inspire others who may have doubted themselves? Do we do the things we do publicly for our yearn for acceptance, to show off our special talents or to purely entertain our audience?


Where do you find the most enjoyment? For the applauds you receive or for the smiles and laughter of the hearts and souls that you touch by sharing your special talents?

Why do we feel the need to express ourselves publicly, rather than keep it to ourselves? What are we looking for, searching for and wondering what our God-given talents really mean to ourselves and how it affects others that are able to absorb the skills that we throwing out into the universe?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why do I want the world to see me and my talents in its raw form?”

Why do you blog, sing, dance, draw and feel to need to be driven to share? Is it for you or is it for us?