Thoughts on Social Media in Today’s World.

Millie:  Ugh…this life….I just want it to be simpler.

Me: Not with all this technology.

Millie: I don’t know if that’s helping or hurting.

Me:  It’s too much knowledge, that is actually hurting us.  Social media is the biggest disaster.

Millie: Yea, I agree with that.

Me: That’s why i cant do it with the IG and FB, I shouldn’t know about whats going on with people who add no value to me and no one should get free access to my life.  You earn that by being someone special or close to me.  Social media leaves you without a guard up, in turn, there is no value on building on a relationship because you don’t need to make the effort.  For example, my mother would be satisfied by seeing my pictures, knowing my status updates and would never feel the need to miss me or feel like she’s missing something.  Why would I give the ease of justifying her negligence?  Same thing with any relationship.

Millie:  I guess i never thought of it that way.  I was just thinking in terms of providing more opportunities for people to be sneaky assholes.

Me:  The problem i feel with today’s society is… there are no boundaries, no secrets and abundance of opportunities to get information you’re looking for without ever having to go to the source and that goes for anything.  Someone might be IN LOVE WITH YOU, look at your pics everyday, knows everything about you but you will never know because he doesn’t need to tell you,  He can just click here and click there.  Without this shit.. men cud be gentlemen, women would be mysterious and you wouldn’t know about the last 10 years of exes!

Millie:  You just made shit real.  lol

Me:  It’s sad but true, that’s why i choose to stay out of sight.

Me: That’s why in the past, such as, I could get a random text asking me how I was doing and have an hour-long conversation about what I am up to from someone i don’t see and has no idea what i have actually been up too who might tell me I am pretty because that’s how he or she remembers me not because of the images i forced on someone’s feed.

Millie:  i have zero argument for your points. lol

Me:  lol

Millie:  They’re all 100% spot on.

Me:  I think about this stuff a lot.

Millie: I’ve never considered that and i don’t think that many people ever have.

Me:  Lol.  No one thinks of that!!!  Because society wants you to believe that social media unites people but it only gives them more of reason to never go beyond mediocre to get what they want,   if something is easy, you’re not winning,  you’re cheating somewhere and there are always repercussions

Millie: You need to post this theory somewhere.

Me: My blog?  No one will listen, no one wants to believe that, everyone wants life to be just that simple.

Millie: I just think it needs to be out there, write it on a piece of paper and staple it to a telephone pole.  You know, to further make your point. lol

Millie: I think they’re such good points and I’ve never heard anyone speak about social media that way.

Me:  Really??

Millie: Yea.  Like I’ve heard reasons why its bad but never those reasons.


Trust A Try [Daily Prompt: Non-Regional Diction]

Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOCAL.

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Where New York at?!  So like, lately I have been feelin’ kinda shitty.  A lot of stuff going around right now that is soooo negative.

Secrets are like assholes, you know, we all have them and they are all shitty.  I am not a fan but sometimes I guess they are necessary.  My father told me last night that white lies are okay if you are helping someone.  It all depends on the situation.  As does everything we encounter, I suppose.

My friends go through a lot with trust as have I in the past.   It ain’t so simple to just let things roll off ya shoulders but it’s always easier to tell someone else to let shit go.

Life is really hard especially for people who are genuinely tryin to do be straight and do the right thing.  It is hard not to hurt someone all the time because we are selfish beings but at what cost will ya go to satisfy yaself when it comes to hurting someone who is really tryin their best for you.

We all make mistakes too, ya know.  At what point, do we accept that we are human and make mistakes or decide the mistake just hit way too close to home and you have let go of the negativity.

I am sick and tired of trying hard to do the right thing honestly.  I have made my mistakes but currently I have been holding true to my words and keeping my faith in the people around me.

Instinct is a real thing.  Your gut never lies.  You lie to yourself, people lie to you but your soul tells the truth and that is that erking feeling you get inside that disrupts your sleep, takes away your appetite and makes you not want to live another day.

Why do we hurt each other so much for the sake of our own benefit?  It is never worth the reward.  At the end of the day, we all want people who love us, trust us and want us for the good people we are.  The secrets, the lies, they diminish our ability to live for the best of you and the best of me.  Makes you turn your back on what you want and believe because each day a part of you is being chipped away by the selfish tools that pick at us.

At what point man, do we know when it’s nothin and/or when it’s somethin?  At what point, do we just do the right thing because we put someone else ahead of ourselves?  When do relationships with each other become honorable again because today we have dishonored ourselves as a human race and we need to reflect and realize being good is better than getting over on your neighbor, your friend, your companion, your family member and your spiritual provider.

Can’t we all just get along?

That Was Way Harsh [Daily Prompt: Sad But True]

“The was wayyy harsh, Tai.” (From the movie, Clueless)

Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’ve ever gotten. Does it still apply?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us HARSH.

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I am a big fan of harsh criticism because I am always looking to improve.  I really want to be the best I can be.

Recently, my friend of 13 years told me that I am cold and distant.  It came as a shock me to because I had never perceived myself to be either of those.  She basically said I am not mean or anything but stubborn and don’t budge and I am not a warm person.

I wasn’t upset or annoyed that she told me.  I like to hear how I was perceived.  I was just surprised that it was me she was talking about.

Hood Chick [Daily Prompt: Community Service]

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us COMMUNITY.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone I know would support something I feel passionate about.  There is the one or two people who are the exception but support is hard to come by from friends.  Go-figure.

I don’t think there is a specific topic that I would share if my blog was to be a guaranteed read tomorrow, I guess that’s because I would like everything I write to be of interest to someone in my community and outside my community.

I just read in my daily note from the universe that the times we feel lonely are the times to remember most because of that moment when someone comes along or an idea created from the solitude and your life somehow is positively changed but coming out of the loneliness.  One could only feel great when they come from feeling sad or in pain.  I guess it’s just the same when one can only succeed if they have failed the first time.  Learn from the error.  I found that to be an interesting way to look at being lonely.  I am not lonely now but I have felt it before.  It is nice to not be lonely anymore.  So I guess I can appreciate the fact that I know the difference.  It won’t allow me to take my company for granted.

We Never Met [Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire]

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAKE.

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It is always hard to think of the last “anything”  I did.  I always refer to the past because I guess my long-term memory is better than my short-term memory.

So let’s go back to summer 2001.  I told one of the biggest lies I could remember.  At that time, I was 16 years old.  I had been seeing an ex boyfriend on and off all that summer but I was also dating around.  He wasn’t aware of it.

It was all fun and games until I met someone who my on-again, off-again boyfriend indirectly knew from a mutual friend.  I will never forget that night.  He had beeped me ( I know, right, I had a beeper) and I called him back only to have him ask about the mutual acquaintance to which I was unaware he really knew about.

I was at my friend, Kristy’s house and she had lived a few doors down from Anthony (the guy I had been casually seeing behind my ex’s back).  Coincidentally,  Anthony’s neighbor was the mutual friend of his and my ex.  Soon after, my ex boyfriend showed up in front of Anthony’s house and told me to walk over from Kristy’s so he could get to the bottom of it.

My ex, Anthony, Kristy, Anthony’s neighbor, my best friend Melissa and I stood in the street as I was confronted about hanging out with Anthony.  I told my ex in front of them all,”No, I had not.”  Anthony looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me?   We have hung out a few times”.  I looked at my ex and I looked at Anthony dead in the face, “I have never met this guy in my life.  Your friends are lying.”  Without a wrinkle, without a smirk, a crack, tear or a wink I stood my ground and insisted that I had never met Anthony in my life and that this was the first time I had even heard of his existence.  My ex pressed me for a while about it and I refused to budge.

My ex finally left and the group had dissipated.  I walked back to Kristy’s with Melissa and they had to be in awe of the lie that I had told.  Whether my ex believed it or not, my response had been so believable because I had believed my tale.

Til this day, I look back and think about that night.  I can’t believe the straight face I had telling someone that I had clearly spent time with that I had never met him before in my life.  The look on his face in disbelief that I could look him dead in eye and tell him that I did not know him.  It is funny now but walking away from that I was so angry that I had been interrogated and caught up in that.

Ah, to be young!

Lil’ Bro [Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back]

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.IMG_7130[1]
Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUCCESS.
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Normally, I would go on and on about how proud I am of my dad for doing all the great things he has done and still does but there are also other people in my life that I am very proud of and love more than my own life.

Louis is my brother.  I will never forget the day he was born.  I was 3 1/2 years old and thanks to my phenomenal memory I remember not knowing who I would be meeting in the hospital after he was born but literally praying, “please let me have a brother, please please please let me have a brother.”

I remember being a toddler myself but holding him as my mother sat beside me showing me how to feed him with the bottle.  He was so little and so was I.  Of course, I felt some jealousy when the attention that was solely towards me had to be shared with him but I adjusted.  I loved him so much already even though technically we were both babies.

He is the first person I have ever watched grow up in front of me.  Of course through the years we fought like all siblings do and we went through those awkward hormonal times in our lives at different times and didn’t see eye to eye for a while but none the less, I would die for this person at any time, at any age.IMG_7125[1]

Now he is approaching his mid 20s and I am in my late 20s.  We have grown a lot closer over the past year and it has never made me happier to get the calls and texts from him.  We don’t spend a lot of time together but when we do we always have fun and laugh.

With the background said, I am proud of him.  He has accomplished a lot in his life so far.  He manages a restaurant, he is on his way to being in the academy for the New York Fire Department, he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at Baruch and he is such a well-rounded man now.  We both have been through a lot with the abandonment of our mother and we both handled those events differently.  He has succeeded.  He remains positive and he lives a great fun life.  He is going for his goals and grabbing them by the balls.  He isn’t perfect, of course but in my eyes he is pretty damn close.  I am proud of his triumphs through adversity and I am proud to be his sister.  I love him more than anything and I always will.  I will protect him however I can and be there for him in any way that I can.

Hey Lou, I don’t know if I ever told you but I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you.

Define Close [Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need]

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDSHIP.

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This is a tough one.  I couldn’t possibly name someone because if I did than my few close friends would turn into my few close enemies.  Women are possessive and jealous.  Please don’t take offense to a widely known characteristic that just can not be denied.  Not all people are the same but in my experience it has been proven to be true.

How could you not say that I am your closest friend, Lee?  Oh gosh,  I don’t believe in “best friends”, I am more inclined to use “close friends” in my vocabulary when referring to someone I talk to a lot and hang out with a lot.  I am not the greatest friend either, I can be pretty flaky at times.  We all have our faults but that isn’t why I can’t choose a specific person.

I have friends who are great in their areas of their personal ability so to speak.  One friend may be a great listener but I may never ever see her but she has listened to all my bullshit.  One friend may tell me straight out what I need to hear even if it hurts.  One friend might hang out with me religiously and keep good company but doesn’t have an interest in anything I really have to say.  Another friend, I may not talk to at all, months will go by, we don’t see each other but if there is a catastrophe all she will need is that phone call to be there to help.  We all have our purpose as people to aid in other people’s lives but as human beings we are naturally self-centered and want what benefits ourselves.

The issue is really with me though.  I don’t trust many if any people.  I always feel at the end of the day there are motives and people use each other and I say this because even though they have not blatantly told me, “I am using you for…” they are most certainly talking to me about how they are utilizing other people they associate with for their own benefit.  Why would my relationship be any different?   Realistically?

Don’t be mad “friends” if I have offended you.  My goal is to speak the truth and hopefully my readers will be able to identify and agree on some points that I have made, that maybe they were too afraid to verbally express aloud.

^To me, I feel that to others it is all about the personal possession than the value of the person you claim to be your closest friend.^

Split Personality [Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)]

After spending time with a group of people, do you feel energized and ready for anything or do you want to hide in the corner with a good book? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERSONALITY.

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Going out with a group of people always sounds like a great on a Monday when the plans are for Friday.  When Friday rolls around though, I wish I had the same momentum as I did on Monday.  IMG_7017[1]

When I do make it out with a group of friends, most of the time I have a good time.  Of course, it depends on the group of people I am with, their attitudes that night and the venue.  I love good music, being outside in the summertime and being around people who aren’t going to bring me down because frankly, I can bring myself down perfectly fine in my apartment alone without spending a dime on drinks or cover charges.  So I feel energized when I feel comfortable.

When I am around a group of people who are not familiar to me and/or they are partaking in actions that I don’t approve of, I want to immediately go home and be alone.  I become very anxious and start thinking about all the ways I can leave and how I can do it without being so out of line and disrespectful.

So to simply answer your question, it depends.



Top Ten Bestie Don’t’s

  1. Under no circumstances, unless discussed with your bestie, should you ever talk to her EX boyfriend/girlfriend even if you were friends first.  Because if that is your best friend and you love her you wouldn’t want to associate with someone who broke her heart.   Would you?
  2. Don’t use social media as an excuse to piss your friends off.  Open your mouth.
  3. Don’t talk to your bestie’s significant other more than you talk to her.  No matter how many things you may have in common.
  4. Don’t talk or befriend your bestie’s potential love interest.  It causes unnecessary interference.  Let your girl do her thing…alone.
  5. Don’t steal the spotlight on your bestie’s special day because you are feeling insecure and left out.
  6. Don’t get jealous, get real or don’t be friends.
  7. Don’t ever think your bestie is copping your style because most likely you have A LOT in common, that’s why your friends so embrace your similarities.  Everyone loves a set of twins.
  8. Don’t let guys come between your friendship.  When your adults, relationships happen and they can get serious but it doesn’t mean that your bestie cares for you any less.  Move aside and embrace her happiness because she will for you.
  9. Don’t have sex with a dude that your bestie really liked.  Even if the two were never in a relationship, it probably wasn’t because she didn’t want to be in one.  It is unforgivable and will bite you in the ass.
  10. Don’t EVER under any circumstance use personal pain and heartache against your bestie in a heated fight or even the ending of the friendship.  This is/was your bestie, there was love and trust there at one point so don’t ruin your past with ugly words of the present.


Richmondtown Sandlot [Daily Prompt: Fandom]

Daily Prompt: Fandom.

Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPORTS.

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy.  I played in the street with all the boys, any sport, any challenge, I was always ready.  I didn’t really get along with the girls in my neighborhood.  Boys were easier to get along with, they didn’t judge me as much.

In my family, our main sport was and still is Baseball.  Naturally, I love it.  I loved playing in the schoolyard with the “RT Crew” (Richmondtown Crew).  It was all boys and just me!  A couple of nights a week, after dinner, my brother and I were rush to wash the dishes and wait for someone to either ring the bell or we would walk the three blocks to the schoolyard to meet the neighborhood boys.  We would play until the sun set on those summer nights.

I wasn’t great in the field, mainly because I should have worn eyeglasses but I was to self-conscious about how they looked so I couldn’t really see the ball once it was hit into the field.  I could hit though.  I loved being up at bat.  My father taught me at a young age how to stand in good form while I was at the plate.  I guess I had a good swing because I always made it on base.

I made really good friends that summer all because of the game.  That was about 16 years ago.  My brother is still really good friends with all the members of the RT Crew.  It makes laugh every time I call them that.  As for me, I was still a girl at the end of the day and after 12 years old, the tomboy days faded out and I became a teenage girl and those relationships started to change.  Ah, to grow older.

I love baseball.  I would still play if ever I was asked but I am going to assume I am a little rusty.  For now, I watch the games on TV when I can or occasionally head out to Citifield with my brother.

So, yes I am a New York Mets fan.  Being a Mets fan is difficult because they don’t always play very well when they need to and everyone in New York is a Yankees fan.   The family fandom trickles up to the Brooklyn Dodges but when they went to L.A. the family became Met fans.

Maybe a World Series this year??  You never know.  Let’s Go Mets!