Nerd Alert!

IMG_8214[1]Last night at 12:00am, technically this morning, I walked into GameStop and picked up my Day One XBOX ONE!!  It was exciting.  We only waited  in line for about 25 minutes and it took about a minute at the register.  We obviously reserved ours before hand and it was a good thing because if you didn’t reserve it ahead of time, they had no more to sell outside of the reserved list!!

I never pre-ordered, reserved or waited outside a store for a Day One anything in my life.  I am glad I did especially because there were maybe 40 people on line at most.  It wasn’t crazy, it wasn’t freezing and I had my best friend with me.  He was really excited when we got home.  Setting up all the stuff like a little kid on Christmas.  It was cute as much I hate to admit his cuteness because he’s a “stupidhead”.

Anyway, I digress.  We exchanged 360 COD:Ghosts for XBox One game and I think I am going to download Madden NFL 25 and all the other games we want right from the system.  Tonight, I am making my own profile and little avatar and that makes me happy.  So yay!  My very own XBOX ONE!!


That’s Not What Santa Looks Like?

In our house, “Sanny” only requested Graham Crackers or Oatmeal cookies with Milk and Carrots for his reindeer.  He was highly concerned about his physique, he sported the ill Jesus Piece and proved he was never too cold for his 365 day supply of “thee white ginny tee”.

And hell yea, that is definitely a Touch Lamp!  Don’t pretend your parents’ house wasn’t sporting that at one point!