Childhood Lessons

I ran in the house crying. I just wanted to be alone. I could still hear all the kids playing outside, running around on that summer night. I ran into my parents room and buried my head in a pillow on their bed. My dad came in and sat there on the bed as I cried. “Why daddy, why don’t they like me? They are always leaving me out and making fun of me but why?”

He looked at me as we sat in the bed in front of the backyard screen doors. “Lee, the tough moments you have now are preparing you, these little hurdles are making you stronger for the more difficult moments you might have later on. God is preparing you and making you stronger.”

To be continued….

One thought on “Childhood Lessons

  1. It was my father who taught me. When someone ignores me…or is hateful towards me, it is because they fear me. So smile, in knowing this, you also know you have the advantage.


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