Thrills & Chills [Daily Prompt: Fright Night]

Do you like being scared by books, films, and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it — or don’t.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIGHTENING.

via Daily Prompt: Fright Night.

My mother watched scary movies and read thriller novels as I was growing up.  She would sit there on the couch with me and watch Poltergeist and Halloween etc.  “Their hereeeeeeeeeeee.”

As a young child, I enjoyed books like Goosebumps and any R.L. Stine books I could get my hands on but as years passed I became more and more frightened and gave it up.  Not to mention, I had been and still have nightmares almost, if not, every night since I was a toddler.

I stopped watching the scary movies or I would peak at a few.  Then there was only certain types of movies I would watch that were scary and suspenseful but after a while my imagination became to vivid and my nightmares would prevent me from rest.

I don’t like thrillers that involve suffering and torture, not in the least.  I don’t find that to be entertaining and it only disturbs during the viewing and days after.  Mystery and suspense was more along the lines of what I could tolerate.

It is fun to be scared when it is harmless.  Recently, I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and  been watching more suspenseful tv shows.  I am in the midst of watching Sleepy Hollow, The Witches of East End and I will be watching American Horror Story: Coven tonight on my DVR.  All shows of which I probably would have never considered watching before I am now becoming intrigued.  Am I scared or anxious when a certain scene comes on?  Yes, but I am facing my fears so they will vanish.  I think it is working because I am starting to enjoy the mystery again.

I am even thinking about researching the history of witchcraft without it interfering with my belief in God and Jesus Christ, of course.  I just am on a movement to be more open-minded to everything this world has to offer.

And just so you know, my nightmares are sometimes worse than any movie I have ever seen and that scares me the most.

15 thoughts on “Thrills & Chills [Daily Prompt: Fright Night]

  1. As you can probably imagine…I have been totally desensitized. Nothing really scares me anymore. I have seen real life atrocities where nothing on the screen can even come close to affecting me. Just the way life is, I suppose.


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