Hump Day

English: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

I don’t like today’s Daily Prompt: Reading Materials.  It isn’t challenging for my mind to think of why I read the blogs or books I read.  I don’t really read a lot and when I do, it is more of self-help books than anything else.

I am about to eat entirely too much for breakfast today.  Eight points on weight watchers scale of things.  Right now, I have only consumed about 5 points so I could stop there but I may be hungry in an hour go for the other 3 points.  We will see.

The company I work for has two floors and the corporate floor is the last floor in the building.  I went up to that 39th floor and looked out of the window.  Beautiful skies were touching the edges of the Verrazano Bridge.  I live right over that bridge and it seems so close from way up high but it takes forever to get home.  The city looked like it was stretching its arms in the morning sun.  Getting ready for another day of business as usual.

I totally caved and went for the 3 extra points!  I will eat very light for dinner.


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