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Being in an elevator at 7:50am with middle-aged corporate level suits standing around me while I blast Tupac’s “Keep ya head up”.



Is being self-employed a good fit for you?

Live to Write - Write to Live

Perhaps you’re thinking about working for yourself. If that’s the case, you won’t be surprised to know there are a few things to think about.

Here are some topics to consider:

  • Commute — Only having to walk to your desk/office can be a great money and time saver. (I love not having to deal with ‘rush hour’ any more.)
  • Flexibility — You’re able to set your own schedule to work when you’re most productive (for me it’s late morning, so I do ‘tasks’ when my brain doesn’t need to be fully engaged and I can schedule errands when traffic is light); you get to wear what you want (some days it’s just easier to go from bed to desk without a shower).
  • Distractions — No matter where you work, there are distractions, but working for yourself gives you the power to control them a lot easier than if you’re in…

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Island Chick [Daily Prompt: On the Road]

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go? Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS.

via Daily Prompt: On the Road.

With “a family” not mine?  I rather be alone on a island.  I will spend time on a beach on any island that I will be safe on.

This daily prompts are too similar to each other.  I need new topics.

Until Then [Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time]

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.

via Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time.

I will let you know when that time comes.  LOL.  But seriously, I will let you know. 😉

Werd… [Daily Prompt: 2100]

The language of the future: what will it be like? Write an experimental post using some imagined vocabulary — abbreviations, slang, new terms.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUTURE.  via Daily Prompt: 2100.

I have this funny feeling that we will have reverted back to pen and paper because technology will have outdone itself and imploded causing us to lose it and struggle to rebuild.

I will be about 105 years of age.  Hopefully, floating among the clouds in complete bliss and spooking the crap out of my grandchildren as a ghost.

As far as “imagined vocabulary” if the words like “sexting” and “OMG” are being officially added to our dictionary now, there is not much more left to the imagination, we have completed accepted that language is not important enough to have respect for its actual words.  We write and speak with abbreviations because we don’t have the time to tell the truth.

Open Arms

The moment you stop caring, the world opens its arms to you.

My brother and I used to play a game when we were kids.  Say everything opposite.  So, if we wanted the night-time to be longer and not have the night feel as though we had just hit the pillow and the alarm would ring for school; we would say before we went to sleep, “tonight is going to go by so fast, it’s not even going to feel like we even slept.”

We used to play against the grain.  We would convince ourselves that what we wanted was ever going to be granted so we had to want the opposite for all our real desires to come true.

At such a young age,  I had branded life and all my dreams with thoughts of them never coming true.  That’s the past.

I am changing my life.  Piece by piece, day by day.  I am moving forward.  I won’t let anyone treat me like second fiddle and I won’t come second to my goals.  I am making myself first priority and those who can’t keep up, must quit and I am determined to never look back.

Great News! [Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times]

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION.

via Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times.

If I have good news about something I have waited for, I head home, dress to impress and head out.

First, I would most likely go to a tasty restaurant, order a rare steak and wash it down with some cold beer.  After dinner, I would strut my 6 inch heels into a bar with a dance floor and great music.  Drink and dance until the sun came up.

Go home, get in that passion and go to sleep.  Wake up the next day and go shopping!  Pamper myself with a hair and nail day and just smile. 🙂

Escape [Daily Prompt: Standstill]

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STILLNESS.  via Daily Prompt: Standstill.

I’d pack all my things and move away with out having to tell anyone.  I would disappear while time is frozen and I would never look back.

Girls vs Boys [Daily Prompt: No Fair]

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAIR.  via Daily Prompt: No Fair.

I think it is unfair that women take on so much more than men ever have to, we are the stronger beings of the two and yet we are mistreated and prejudged.

Let me back up.  I am not a feminist. I am fine with women being in the kitchen and men doing the hard labor if that’s their choices.  What I am saying is that because women have been given such a negative connotation in the past, it is human nature to form a preconceived judgement towards a women.  Meaning, my argument may be less recognized because I have hormones.  Most of time I am overreacting because of my hormones, right?  Men never react or overreact to anything and all their reactions make sense, right?

Let me also say, it is not all women and men at war but merely my observation of what I have been surrounded by.  It’s best if I give an example or two.

Dating.   Automatically, as a women I assume that the men needs to make the first moves and chase after me.  It feels like it is part of our DNA to do it this way.  Is it in actuality the way things or supposed to be?   Do we need to have rules for every aspect of life?  Can’t we just meet, be honest and take it from there?   Why do we insist on the masculine and feminine games?

Fighting.  If a couple fights and the woman is the one who brought this fight into play but her reasons are completely valid, the man will not take her seriously because A. he never wants to be wrong and B. she always needs to bitch about something.  But if the man brings an argument to light, his reasons are automatically valid, the world must stop because he has been bothered and it must be handled in the best way he sees fit.

The point is, we don’t understand each other at all.  We think differently.  Our minds look at the same situation with completely different perspectives but they are both valid.  Does this make either one of us wrong?

We both come from two predetermined mindsets and are taught negative things about each other since the beginning of time.  We don’t know how to talk to each other or treat each other especially when there is an issue.  It is a guessing game turned war zone.

I don’t think it is fair that we have been turned slightly against each other by society since the beginning of time.  It is unfair that we can’t go back in time and change that.  It is unfair that it will forever go on that way no matter how “powerful” a woman can get.  In the world’s eyes, a woman is the weaker link.  That is unfair.  We are strong.  We birth children, work hard labor, raise other human beings, hold families together and balance this all while trying to be great wives.

Men you work hard but you don’t endure the physical and mental changes that a woman does.  You don’t have to balance hormones and sanity.  You don’t have to suffer carrying life around for 9 months and then go through such agony to get it out.  You’re body doesn’t have a mind of its own.  Women are strong because we endure a lot.  I am not saying we should be equal or one should outrank the other.  I just think we deserve the recognition and respect for who we are.  I think that would be fair.

Oh yea, and let’s try to get along because I still love ya!