Casting Call [Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up]

Cast the movie of your life.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPERSTAR.

via Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up.

Cast the movie of my life.  That is a tough one for me.  Well, first person that comes to mind to play myself is Scarlett Johansson because she is short, petite, blonde and has a similar figure as me but we don’t look-alike facially. 

On a side note, I am little over a quarter of a century old and although I have been through a lot, I would like to hope that my life hasn’t really begun yet since I am not anywhere that I want to be yet.  So it is hard to think of how I could portray my life in a movie as of yet.

To cast my brother, it would have to be Andy Roddick.  They are identical, it’s uncanny.  It would be hard to cast my father because he is a very unique character.  My aunt would be casted by Diane Keaton.  It is a cute fit.

I am not going to go down a list of all the people in my life that I could think to play them in a movie of my life because it’s just going to be boring.  So there is a few I could think of in short.

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