Funny How? [Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha]

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.

via Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha.

I consider myself funny at times.  I like dry humor, sarcasm and silliness.  I am not always funny but when I am I shock myself. 

Humor makes me feel better.  I enjoy laughing.  I love laughing, actually.  It makes me feel better about things when I am upset.  I am sure that is common.  “Sometimes you have to laugh to stop from crying.”  I believe that.

The funniest person I know, has to be my dad and the reason is because the simple fact is he is never trying to be funny.  He just is.  He says the wrong things, pronounces words wrong, tells corny jokes, laughs harder at his own jokes that aren’t even funny and he is just silly,  He drives me up the wall but he’s a funny guy.

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