Journals & Blogs [Daily Prompt: Origin Story]

IMG_7169[1]Why did you start you blog? Is that will why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEGINNINGS.

via Daily Prompt: Origin Story.

Well I originally started on in February 2004.    It was the first time I had written any content publicly in my life.  I didn’t understand the concept but writing in journals all my life and being a natural-born non-fiction story-teller, I knew I could just write and it would be enjoyable.  I have always loved to document life in words.  Back then it was just about my everyday life, growing from 20 to 21, I didn’t stay consistent with it, I didn’t understand how my passion for writing could grow and expand from it.  I was young and if you clicked that link above you’ll see I was all over the place at that time.  When I look back, I realized it’s best that I moved on to bigger and better things.

For my blog, it is not confined to one category, I write about what I feel and what other people are feeling around me.  I create some poetry, I write some Tops Tens, I write opinion pieces and I follow daily prompts.  My OCD about being confined and committed to one theme makes me nervous.  So now I have more than one blog.  So if I confine the other [www,] to one subject, at least I still have this one to express myself freely.

I would really like this one to be successful.  Please send feedback on how I can make my posts more compelling for my audience.  I plan on taking a course in Professional Blogging, come September and I am very excited for it.   I am hoping that this will open more avenues for me to drive on.

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