Define Close [Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need]

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDSHIP.

via Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need.

This is a tough one.  I couldn’t possibly name someone because if I did than my few close friends would turn into my few close enemies.  Women are possessive and jealous.  Please don’t take offense to a widely known characteristic that just can not be denied.  Not all people are the same but in my experience it has been proven to be true.

How could you not say that I am your closest friend, Lee?  Oh gosh,  I don’t believe in “best friends”, I am more inclined to use “close friends” in my vocabulary when referring to someone I talk to a lot and hang out with a lot.  I am not the greatest friend either, I can be pretty flaky at times.  We all have our faults but that isn’t why I can’t choose a specific person.

I have friends who are great in their areas of their personal ability so to speak.  One friend may be a great listener but I may never ever see her but she has listened to all my bullshit.  One friend may tell me straight out what I need to hear even if it hurts.  One friend might hang out with me religiously and keep good company but doesn’t have an interest in anything I really have to say.  Another friend, I may not talk to at all, months will go by, we don’t see each other but if there is a catastrophe all she will need is that phone call to be there to help.  We all have our purpose as people to aid in other people’s lives but as human beings we are naturally self-centered and want what benefits ourselves.

The issue is really with me though.  I don’t trust many if any people.  I always feel at the end of the day there are motives and people use each other and I say this because even though they have not blatantly told me, “I am using you for…” they are most certainly talking to me about how they are utilizing other people they associate with for their own benefit.  Why would my relationship be any different?   Realistically?

Don’t be mad “friends” if I have offended you.  My goal is to speak the truth and hopefully my readers will be able to identify and agree on some points that I have made, that maybe they were too afraid to verbally express aloud.

^To me, I feel that to others it is all about the personal possession than the value of the person you claim to be your closest friend.^

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