Top Ten: Clingy

Ever have a guy/girl come on too strong?  It has only been a few weeks and you’re feeling the pressure?  Need to know the signs?  Sometimes little mental red flags aren’t enough.  You need a list that confirms you are not crazy and he/she is.


Take a look at the Top Ten ways to know your new guy or girl is too clingy.

  1. Sends you a text right after you give him/her your number saying something ridiculous about how you’re right next to each other.
  2. Calls you the day after you met to invite you to an intimate family party.
  3. Wants you to meet the parents after the second date.
  4. Brags how his parents know everything about you already but you have only hung out together 3-4 times in a 3 weeks span.
  5. Uses the word “we” when you are obviously implying “I”.
  6. Locks you in by offering lavishes gifts and vacations before you even get to know each other.
  7. Gets crazy mad if you go out with your friends and don’t invite him to come with you.
  8. Tells your friends how obsessed he/she is with you after only 2 weeks of dating.
  9. Will not leave your side if you are out in public.
  10. If your new guy or girl, goes psycho bananas about the time you didn’t spend together after only a few weeks; change your number.

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