Transition This! [Daily Prompt: Flip Flop]

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop.

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.

I am a woman.  I always change my mind.  C’mon!

Changing an opinion or changing your mind about a particular something is just giving yourself more than one choice.  It is up to you to make a decision on how you want to feel about a certain issue.  If your feelings change so will your opinion.  This can happen at any point of you life.

Being a woman, I notice I am very emotional and passionate about a lot of subjects so at any given moment my feeling can change and I can just as passionate about something that opposes my original opinion.

For me, I can never really make up my mind about anything.  It is very frustrating and something I am struggling with now.  Every opinion, every feeling and every choice is followed by consequence but entered with fear and doubt.  I am working on changing this but obviously not hard enough.  We’ll see.

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