“We Need To Talk” Top Ten

So many times in our lives, I am sure we have heard from one person or another,  “We need to talk next time I see you”.  I can’t help but ask myself why that has to even be said.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just talk when you see the person without giving them the suspenseful trailer version of the conversation to come.  I don’t want a preview to that type of suspense because if you need to talk, we are going to talk now.

Here are the Top Ten things thoughts that go through a person’s mind when they hear, “we need to talk”:

  1. Oh no, now what?
  2. Shit, what could we possibly need to talk about?
  3. My heart is racing now and I have so much anxiety, why can’t he tell me now?
  4. Hmm, what did I do this week that could have gotten me in trouble?
  5. Wait, maybe he found out about.
  6. But that was so long ago.
  7. Oh no, maybe it’s something he’s confessing.
  8. What did that little bastard do?
  9. Let’s see, he worked the last 4 days straight, he was off before that, where was I?
  10. Oh damn, I have no idea, where are my keys, we are doing this right now!?


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