Top Ten Bestie Don’t’s

  1. Under no circumstances, unless discussed with your bestie, should you ever talk to her EX boyfriend/girlfriend even if you were friends first.  Because if that is your best friend and you love her you wouldn’t want to associate with someone who broke her heart.   Would you?
  2. Don’t use social media as an excuse to piss your friends off.  Open your mouth.
  3. Don’t talk to your bestie’s significant other more than you talk to her.  No matter how many things you may have in common.
  4. Don’t talk or befriend your bestie’s potential love interest.  It causes unnecessary interference.  Let your girl do her thing…alone.
  5. Don’t steal the spotlight on your bestie’s special day because you are feeling insecure and left out.
  6. Don’t get jealous, get real or don’t be friends.
  7. Don’t ever think your bestie is copping your style because most likely you have A LOT in common, that’s why your friends so embrace your similarities.  Everyone loves a set of twins.
  8. Don’t let guys come between your friendship.  When your adults, relationships happen and they can get serious but it doesn’t mean that your bestie cares for you any less.  Move aside and embrace her happiness because she will for you.
  9. Don’t have sex with a dude that your bestie really liked.  Even if the two were never in a relationship, it probably wasn’t because she didn’t want to be in one.  It is unforgivable and will bite you in the ass.
  10. Don’t EVER under any circumstance use personal pain and heartache against your bestie in a heated fight or even the ending of the friendship.  This is/was your bestie, there was love and trust there at one point so don’t ruin your past with ugly words of the present.

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