Richmondtown Sandlot [Daily Prompt: Fandom]

Daily Prompt: Fandom.

Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPORTS.

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy.  I played in the street with all the boys, any sport, any challenge, I was always ready.  I didn’t really get along with the girls in my neighborhood.  Boys were easier to get along with, they didn’t judge me as much.

In my family, our main sport was and still is Baseball.  Naturally, I love it.  I loved playing in the schoolyard with the “RT Crew” (Richmondtown Crew).  It was all boys and just me!  A couple of nights a week, after dinner, my brother and I were rush to wash the dishes and wait for someone to either ring the bell or we would walk the three blocks to the schoolyard to meet the neighborhood boys.  We would play until the sun set on those summer nights.

I wasn’t great in the field, mainly because I should have worn eyeglasses but I was to self-conscious about how they looked so I couldn’t really see the ball once it was hit into the field.  I could hit though.  I loved being up at bat.  My father taught me at a young age how to stand in good form while I was at the plate.  I guess I had a good swing because I always made it on base.

I made really good friends that summer all because of the game.  That was about 16 years ago.  My brother is still really good friends with all the members of the RT Crew.  It makes laugh every time I call them that.  As for me, I was still a girl at the end of the day and after 12 years old, the tomboy days faded out and I became a teenage girl and those relationships started to change.  Ah, to grow older.

I love baseball.  I would still play if ever I was asked but I am going to assume I am a little rusty.  For now, I watch the games on TV when I can or occasionally head out to Citifield with my brother.

So, yes I am a New York Mets fan.  Being a Mets fan is difficult because they don’t always play very well when they need to and everyone in New York is a Yankees fan.   The family fandom trickles up to the Brooklyn Dodges but when they went to L.A. the family became Met fans.

Maybe a World Series this year??  You never know.  Let’s Go Mets!

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