Unavailable Is Sexy [Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap]

We all want to be connected but we don’t have anything to say.

Facebook at 10 years old in February 2014. Wow, how the time has flown. Sooner or later there will no longer be a generation that knows a time when our information wasn’t so accessible to anyone who was inquiring.

I don’t have a Facebook account anymore and I will tell you why. Facebook is invasive. I have heard so many people say, “Well, I can keep in touch with my family” and I don’t see that as a valid justification. The real reason there is a Facebook is so that people can get away with being nosy and invasive without looking openly creepy. The reason I say this is because I had fallen into that trap. I started off with MySpace and I was on that site more than I did anything else. Posting tons of pictures, searching for friends, searching for enemies, looking to see who was doing what and with who and remember the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I upgraded to Facebook, MySpace had faded out and now I had more access to invade another person’s privacy. I would look at my friends profiles, I would look through the albums and click on the friends of friends and look at their profiles and go on and on and on. I found myself so wrapped up in the world and it was making my heart race. I became very anxious. Not only was I looking, connecting and searching, but now I was either not being friended enough or I was being just as heavily watched. Before I knew it, there were the ex-girlfriends of the boyfriends that were trying to connect, the old pictures of them together, the wall conversations turned violent and PUBLIC and it was constant drama.

Facebook took away all the mystery, leaves nothing to the imagination anymore and users are over sharing their thoughts and their pictures with or without receiving the approval of the other’s involved. Technology has evolved and social media is continuously expanding and although it does have its pros as far as staying connected, it also has its cons as well. With all social media, it is a trending fad, and like sheep we follow the masses but what does that say about us? As a society, we are searching for acceptance and with that we conform to what is popular. We wanted to be “liked” and Facebook gives us the opportunity to see in a visual form who actually likes our stuff and who doesn’t. There is a problem with this though, the acronym is known as, “TMI” [too much information]. Now we are hit with the excitement and the disappointment instantly; leaving us no time to think about anything else. These feelings from a website can consume someone’s emotions, make them react and they feel it’s justifiable. Checking the news feed over and over, refreshing the page because maybe it didn’t update right away and having a mini heart attack every time your friend posted something but still hasn’t returned your call or text.

Facebook is proof that no matter how much we say that we don’t care, the pure fact that you are a member and have an account means you do care. You care about how you look, who is watching you and what other people are doing. Too much of anything becomes a bad thing. It succeeds because majority of society will follow because no one wants to be left out but it is hurting our relationships, breaking up our families because it has left nothing sacred for us anymore. Constantly, you see people checking their phones for social media feed updates but they aren’t taking care of business, their relationships, their children, their families, responsibilities because they are too engulfed in living through the lives of other people or trying to take them down.

So you ask me if I feel Facebook has been beneficial in connecting us and making us closer or if it has gone too far and I say to you, “Facebook, you are too close for comfort and I want my life back without the external noise and interference”. It gives me anxiety, it shares too much personal information and sometimes a person doesn’t want to be found.

Unavailable is sexy.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap.

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