Oh, What a Tangled Website We Weave [Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century]

Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century.

Although, I do not have a lot of experience with online dating or meeting guys online, I can give my thoughts on how the 21st century has affected love.  Whether you met a significant other online or on line at the grocery store, the internet’s unforgiving access to social life will interfere and I haven’t seen one case where it has interfered for the better.

Let me tell you a story about a girl who started dating a guy when America Online was the only real access we had to profiles and the outside world.   Well, when beepers were fading out and cell phones will getting the spotlight, this was perfect for young teenagers to keep tabs on their boyfriends and girlfriends because what is better than being able to call someone whenever you thought about them or find out where someone was located at all times, right?  Well that is what she thought anyway.

It started out when Billy received his very own cell phone.  Lisa knew all the people who would be contacting him on his phone since the phone was so new and they had all the same friends.  When the phone started to ring and the caller ID showed a different number, well that was a game changer.  Who was it, she thought?  Since everyone who had voice-mail at the time thought that their passwords should be the month and day of their birthdays in almost every case, it was very easy for Lisa to hear the voice-mail of the person’s call that he deliberately missed.  She came to find out it was a girl that he had met on vacation who he had been having a side relationship with for quite some time.  This is one example of how technology had interfered whereas without the cell phone, less information could be spread and figured out.

Situations had been resolved and years have passed but Lisa and Billy still maintained a relationship.  Regardless of the disaster, they tried to move on.  Now we come to the age of “MySpace” and “The Facebook” when “The” was included in its original name.  Hesitant at first, Lisa signed up for her accounts in this new world of social media.  Billy went off to college about three hours away but they remained in a relationship.  Lisa befriended mutual friends of theirs and ventured out into this world of information, profiles, picture albums, statuses, etc.  Upon her exploring the worldwide web of Facebook, she comes across a mutual friend of her and her boyfriend’s picture album that he had just posted.  There were so many pictures from recent frat parties and outings.  She browsed to see if there are any good one’s of Billy, only to find a picture of two girls posing and smiling for the shot with Billy in the far back corner of the picture kissing another girl up against the wall.  He had been caught.  He had no idea that he would be in the background of a random picture taken at a party.  Thanks to the internet, he had been caught.  Well a simple right-click and save of the picture and re-posting it on her American Online profile album with the caption, “Take a look at my slick boyfriend being caught red-handed cheating”.  Not a good day for Billy.

Well, one can only assume that the relationship was not a match made in heaven but that is here nor there.  Coming from an era where we didn’t have unlimited access into all these lives and then turning on the computer to a world of information, we can certainly see difference in relationships and how it taken a toll on love.  Whether or not, a significant other will lie or cheat is not the concerning factor but it is now brought to a brighter light for those you will now.  We see a lot more people finding out the bad behavior of others because of an internet slip up and in some cases it has ruined relationships.

In the case of Lisa and Billy, it only brought to light all the reasons why that relationship would never work.  So, you may like having more answers at your fingertips but it will come at a cost.  What we lose in the 21st century is the oldest saying in the book and in some aspects of life, it is what we really need, is the notion that “Ignorance is bliss”.

3 thoughts on “Oh, What a Tangled Website We Weave [Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century]

  1. The best measure for the true heart of a man is if he loves cats and cats love him. If a woman loves cats and her man does not, eventually the relationship is doomed. It is really very simple. And, may I point out to the countless women who think otherwise, there are TONS and TONS and TONS and TONS of men who love cats. I do not know precisely how many tons of cat-loving men there are but trust me. I know this for a fact. I have personally met hundreds, if not thousands, of them.
    That being said, thank you for this insightful post, and enjoy your Sundae. 🙂


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