Top Ten Reasons I Do Not Like My Friends’ Choice in Men.

Here are the Top Ten reasons I do not like my friends’ choice in men.


  1. The “text you once then disappear” act.
  2. The “what are you doing later, want to hang out” than won’t hear from him.
  3. The “go out and get drunk, beg to sleepover and get annoyed when he isn’t” act.
  4. The “hey, I haven’t seen you, where you been? Even though the last time they spoke, he stood her up” bit.
  5. The “you knew she would be at this bar and didn’t say hi because you’re a jerk…” move.
  6. The “meet her at a bar and talk to several other girls but act like you’re the only one” thing.
  7. The “text her all day, everyday for 4 days and then disappear for 6 but ask her where she has been” stunt.
  8. The “get close to her friends so it appears you’re getting in good with her but you really just want her friend too” thing.
  9. The “you won’t follow her on any social media but will follow her friends but they are hooking up” act.
  10. The whole “you begged her to give you a chance but dropped the effort when she did” bit.


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