My Five Star Review [Daily Prompt: Four Stars]

Daily Prompt: Four Stars.

Today’s daily prompt is to write a review about myself or someone close to me.  I chose to write about someone close to me.

My Father

A man of Italian descendant, raised in Brooklyn, New York with a middle class lifestyle.  He spent the majority of his young life sleeping in studio apartments with his parents and older sister.  Incomes were low and times were tough but he always seemed to have a good attitude towards life.

When he was 17 years old, his father passed away from a strong and massive heart attack.  He did not handle this well.  It took weeks for him to leave his residence.  He rebelled against the pain once he let himself back out into the world.  Trouble surrounded him for years before he would find a woman that he would marry.  Once he was married, his life began to change, he had a family and responsibilities.  He realized what was important to him again.

Fifteen years later, he and his wife were divorced.  His wife chose to leave her husband and children behind in a painful and unsettling divorce.  Courts granted him full custody of his children and visitation with supervision in which case she gave up altogether.

For ten years, this man worked, came straight home, went to the baseball games, maintained the home, the laundry and worked as a single parent.  He made sure that his children were disciplined yet balanced.  He made sure that they both went to school and completed a college career.  He worked very hard to instill morals and values into his children regardless of the previous painful events.  He never once spoke ill of the mother of his children.  He sincerely asked both his son and daughter to love their mother and forgive her, fore she knew not what she did.

Now at 52 years old, he raised two grown children on his own and succeeded.  His positive outlook on life and the drive to never give up has enabled him to prevail through the toughest points in his life.  He looks back on his life and is satisfied.  He claims he needs nothing more than to know that both of his children are happy and have everything they ever wanted in life.  He is fulfilled and grateful for everything he has been blessed with.  I only hope that his dedication and values will forever be instilled in me and that I may pass them on to my children.

This is a review of an average guy who has done great things.  Miniscule to those who it may not  have affected but moves mountains for those it has.

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