Anti-Social Attention

I have a contradicting problem with Social Media.  Yes, I like to blog, not consistently as it seems but not for attention but more for the art of expression through words as opposed to conversation or simply talking to myself.

I am rid of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Any other type of social media that is out there, I literally haven’t even heard of.  I was opposed to MySpace and Facebook upon their grand entrance, years back but i succumbed to their attention seeking temptation.   I remember working in a retail store where a perfect stranger came up to me and said. “Hey, you’re like the MySpace queen.”  I thought that was interesting to say the least.  I digress.  So I had Facebook and it was constant drama because at the end of the day, all walks of life do not have the need or right to know everything I am doing and I should have the sense not to broadcast my actions at every moment of the day.

And I hear, “but i keep in touch with my family”.   We have email, phones, texting, computers, all these communication devices that do not have to broadcast our personal conversations.  Why should John Doe know that I had a fill in at the dentist today at 1:20pm and at 8:30pm, I am going to take a shower and prep myself for a night filled with disrespect and low self-esteem?

So I had Twitter and in 140 characters I told anyone who was reading, what kind of day I had, vaguely abused someone without saying who, judged other people, tweeted how sexy I was feeling even though I wasn’t and hoping someone would be interested.  Why?  So I deleted it.

Instagram, I posted pictures, I looked at other people’s pictures.  I started feeling bad about myself comparing myself to others and indulging in the overcompensation with theses “thirsty” pictures of myself, just so anyone would “like” it.  Why?  So I deleted it.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone and I can’t speak for no one but really, these social media examples are not to bring us closer together.  Look, it is because we as a people don’t give ourselves and others enough TIME to enjoy each other, to pay attention and give the attention that we all crave as human beings.  So what I am saying is, I just can’t watch how desperate our society has come to get others to notice them.  And now we have new reasons for negative activity because of the attention or lack of attention that we get on these sites.

Instead of minding our own business and taking care of our issues, we are displaying our lives for all to see, for judgement, for praise, for negative and/or positive attention and for what?  It is one huge distraction and one big escape so we as a people don’t have to face the TRUTH about our lives, ourselves, our surroundings and our feelings.  Do you really need to be validated in every action you make?  Whether you got a new outfit, haircut, object or whatever, why does everyone need to know and why do you need everyone’s approval?  And on top of it all, why can’t you admit that your participation with these sites benefit you in no other way but to get the attention you lack?  That is what irks me the most!  At least say, “You know what, I wasn’t hugged enough as a kid, I never felt worthy enough or I crave attention, it’s just how I am.”  But no, it’s never a reason of seeking attention but rather, “My family can see my pictures, it is an easy way to keep in touch, who cares everyone is on it now, you know.”

I am over it.  And I am not innocent.  I tried them out and I just don’t want to be that thirsty.  I don’t want to look like I am starving for attention, negative or positive.  I rather have human, physical interaction and real compliments if I deserve them accidentally, not because I gave you an option to approve of it or not.

Later Days

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