You’re Are Only As Smart As Your Computer

We live in a technological era.  Over the course of the last 25-30 years, we have seen the evolution of technology.  We have watched the beepers turn to cell phones , talking turn to texting, books turn to screens, knowledge turn from something we possess to something we can search at any given moment, cassettes turn to cd, vhs to dvd, etc., etc., etc.

We come from  a place where a person built skills and possessed information to become successful.  A place where the brain retained relevant information based on studies and memory.  Today, we are in a place where we are dependent on technology and the unlimited access to search for anything right at our fingertips.  Pro or Con?

Children of the 2000’s will never know a time where a computer was not in every home, a cell phone is not buzzing or ringing and communication isn’t running rapid through emails, texting and social media.  There will be no experiences like going to the library to research an assignment for school or someone simply ringing your doorbell to see if you want to play outside or someone calling your house and you not being home to answer.  We are always available because we have access to communicate at all times.  You can get in touch with me anytime you want because I have a device that I take with me everywhere because God Forbid I miss your call, text or email in the second that you sent it to me.

We don’t have to pick up a newspaper to find out the news, we honestly don’t even need cable television to watch a show or have the news anchored to us, because we can go to any site that has headlines to see what is going on and we can watch most shows through the internet now also.

Now the point I am trying to get at is, we have come so far in our society with technology and our intelligence as far as mastering the machine to ultimately make us more powerful through machinery.  But the downside to this, is the lack of time we use to exercise our brain as a whole.  We build less skills, when having unlimited access to information at all times and if we didn’t ever need to have skills ever again, there would be no downside but because all good things must come to an end, and what goes up must come down, our dependency will be the downfall of humanity.  When communications fail, if satellites are destroyed by spontaneous actions in space, if we are stripped of having the rights to attain such knowledge because it will lead to a powerless world or lack of control to those who claim to be in charge, then what?  We will be lost.  Especially the children of our future, who were not taught to build knowledge because they are accustomed to searching every answer to any question that is tossed at them or given complete instructions on how to build anything without mastering it independently of any technological assistance. 

What happens where we lose communications, if technology fails?  Then where will we find ourselves?  Without skills, retained knowledge and limited supply of tangible books.  Skills to abbreviate words and continuously use acronyms to belittle everything your trying to express will not help us when we return to mailing letters to keep in contact with each other and relying on tangible books to read without the acronyms.  To think we would have to return to using words that are grammatically correct and to write letters again that could exceed 140 characters.

There is always an upside and a downside to everything.  We always adapt but I hate to be naive and not protect myself from machine and networking failing.  So my advice, keep reading, continue to learn and not rely so much on what you can find as opposed to what you can learn and obtain in yourself.  One day your skills and your knowledge can possess the power that you may have never dreamed of having because you weren’t solely dependent on satellites and machinery.

As cliché and as old as a saying this may be, “Knowledge is Power”, don’t let them rob you of the power you can posses independently.

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