Top Ten Women Who Can Revive ’90s Quality Music

So, I have been slacking hard-core in the blog world.  I am going to blame it on some unfortunate personal distractions that I am unable to discuss right now.

But.. here’s the top ten

  1. Lil’ Kim
  2. Foxy Brown
  3. Missy Elliot
  4. Aaliyah (RIP)
  5. Eve
  6. Nicole Ray
  7. TLC (RIP Left Eye)
  8. Janet Jackson
  9. Mariah Carey
  10. Madonna

Music is not anything at all how it used to be.  Even the rap game is whack.  We had gangsta hiphop and sick R&B. Now we have bubble gum Nicki Minaj..   Now we have Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, we had Pac and Biggie.

The music industry is failing because they drifted away from really good music.  Music that had a message, a struggle and a value.  No one cares how much money Kanye and Jay Z has now, how many tears Drake cried last nite or how many dudes Weezy shot up.


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