Holiday Spirit Spreads Throughout the Office

So today, I am sitting at my desk, minding my own business

Keep Spreading That Holiday Cheer Guys!


That’s Not What Santa Looks Like?

In our house, “Sanny” only requested Graham Crackers or Oatmeal cookies with Milk and Carrots for his reindeer.  He was highly concerned about his physique, he sported the ill Jesus Piece and proved he was never too cold for his 365 day supply of “thee white ginny tee”.

And hell yea, that is definitely a Touch Lamp!  Don’t pretend your parents’ house wasn’t sporting that at one point!

Top Ten Reasons Why World of Warcraft Is Amazing

  1. You have so much more power, strength and opportunities to advance in-game then IRL.
  2. IRL, you will never in your lifetime have a complete wardrobe of Armor for everyday use.
  3. You don’t get arrested for slaying your enemies.
  4. Your team is always asking you, “Do you need something?”
  5. You can sell almost everything and make dough instantly.
  6. You don’t need to pay rent or buy a house so you have no bills.
  7. Your ex isn’t texting you off the hook because no one knows what “texting” is.
  8. After you gain XP and level, a very encouraging sound plays and you gain new abilities.  IRL, it’s your birthday and you blow out candles.
  9. You can ride animals and have pets that you may never even come close to IRL.
  10. Because when you don’t want to face the REAL WORLD, you can re-invent yourself in-game and escape for a few hours.