To Say A Few Words, If I May…

When my little Italian family gets together for the holidays, there are two ways it can go.

  • Laugh until we are crying    OR
  • Fighting until I am leaving.

So this Thanksgiving, obviously I was a little concerned about how it would go.  Turns out, “thankfully”, I didn’t have to worry.  We laughed the entire day!  Don’t get me wrong, families at any given moment can be super annoying and there were those times during the course of the day but overall, it was a good day.

With that said, let me provide you with a Thanksgiving Glossary of 2011.

  1. Glumpy – A description given to an Apple Pie that has risen a bit high in certain spots.  That apple pie looks really glumpy, right?  [Creator of Many words – my dad]
  2. Bake Chef – Another name for a Baker or Pastry Chef.  Yea, Nicole might bring some cookies over later, her cousin is a bake chef and he makes all that “shit”. [my brother]
  3. Shwee-ah-del – A cookie that my dad cannot pronounce at all and my brother will say with conviction even though it is completely incorrect. You know, the Swee-ah-del. [dad and brother]
  4. Chalking – Most commonly know as talking but when you have food in your mouth, making fun of someone (me) who just choked on an olive because she was talking with food in her mouth, it may sound like this:  That’s what happens when you’re chalking with your mouthful.” [brother]

The list definitely goes on but at the moment, the words escape me.

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