Technology vs. Transportation

Today is Thanksgiving Eve and I am most thankful for being off for the next four days!  So today, getting up for work wasn’t so bad because I knew I just have to make it until 5pm.

I’m waiting for the Express bus and it is raining.  It’s okay, I have a four-day weekend ahead of me.  I am talking to my aunt on my cell as I do every morning on the way to work.  It’s the only time we really have to speak and she lives far far away.

I get on the bus and I talk pretty low because I know that people are so cranky in the morning and I only stay on for like 10 minutes out of the hour ride so up until now, it has never been a big deal.  This guy sits next to me and almost immediately he is tapping me on my arm and throwing a “Yo” my way.  (I hate when anyone touches me, let alone a cranky stranger).

I laughed in my head and obviously continued my conversation because after all, we were both using “Public Transportation” and this is not his bedroom.

And if it was…

Then I would totally understand his frustration and raise the bigger question as to why I was in this stranger’s bedroom to begin with.

But seriously, there is definitely a way to approach someone and it is  not touching someone without permission and throwing “yo” at me before 7am in the morning.  Still I wasn’t going to let it get me down!

Because after all, tomorrow begins a four-day weekend!  Nothing is taking that joy away from me, not even you, cranky man!

Good Day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Technology vs. Transportation

  1. haha great illustrations! I hate when people throw me daggers for talking on the phone on transport… we’ve all gotta cope with it somehow! thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  2. Next time you should say “excuse me for a second”, reach into your hand bag and slowly pull out a middle finger for him hahahaha


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