A Slightly Different Three’s Company: Christmas Decorating

This weekend I agreed to help my dad put up the Christmas Tree with my brother.  I haven’t really participated in decorating anything for Christmas in a while so I decided that this year should be different.

So, my brother is getting all the lights and ornaments out from the basement and he is coming across our science projects from grammar school.


I chime in, “Um, diorama for the 7th grade Language Fair?  That I won!  But yea it’s a diorama, not my diaphragm, gross.”  At this point, we were hysterically laughing.

Family of three with all possible cases of ADD, trying to put up the tree and decorate a fireplace can take way longer than it should.  I am putting the branches onto the tree and my brother realizes he needs to move his huge cigar box that he received for Christmas last year.  Normally, a person would just move it to a different location and continue on but not here.  For the next, 20-30 minutes, he and now my distracted father are looking in the cigar box, asking “where did these cigars go, let’s put a shot in there to keep it moist and fresh, did you finish those, I know it wasn’t me,” while I am trying to get this done and over with!

“Let’s go, do that later!  Let’s finish this!  You gotta do this right now?”  I said something along those lines and of course, my dad’s like, “Yea Lou, let’s do this later… so what kind of shot you want to put in there?”  Obviously, that was a lost cause.

Continuing on, my brother asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?” and every year, I say that I don’t really know, probably nothing.  So he says to us,  “She always says in November, I don’t know, nothing and then in December like right before Christmas that’s when she wants something.”

I ask him, “What do you want for Christmas?”  He says, “I don’t know yet.”  We all busted out laughing.

So we are just about done and my dad is looking at the tree.  He says to me, “Wow Lee, you did a really good job.”  I smiled.  “Except for that spot right there.”  And he points to the bottom.  I said, “Of course!”

After my brother and I put all the lights on, my dad tells us, “Well even if the tree looked like crap, I’d still like it because you guys did it.”

Hey, I think that is the best we are going to get from him so I’ll take it.  We all laughed and mumbled about how he is never 100% satisfied.

Everyone has a tradition, one that was started a long time ago, yesterday, today or that will be created.  It doesn’t matter what you do or how you spend the holidays as long as your with people who you care about.  For my family, we scream, yell and fight but we always end up laughing through it all whether it’s at ourselves or we are making fun of each other, that is our tradition.

How will you prepare for your holiday season?  What are some unique traditions you have, may have started recently or will start with your own family?



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