10 Signs That Your Addicted to WOW (World of Warcraft)

  1. You create a blog entry about WOW Addiction.
  2. Your significant other finds you in your underwear jamming your finger on the computer key num row 1 key trying to kill a Horde.  (I am part of Alliance).
  3. You have chips, cheese wrappers and empty cups all around your desk, but no real food.
  4. You are starving and won’t get up because you are so close to leveling.
  5. Your significant other is waiting for you to just “hand in this last quest” for about an hour and a half now.
  6. In your dreams if you want to reach into your bag;  you are hitting the computer key B key over and over in mid-air.
  7. Every time you hear a gust of wind, you think someone has hit stealth around you.
  8. You are more concerned with making silver and gold when you are thinking about finances.
  9. Your main idea of bargain shopping is looting some really high level armor from your last kill.
  10. And finally, after a long day at the office, all you can think about doing when you get home, is switching on that power button, putting your headgear on and leveling the shit out of your character.https://i0.wp.com/us.battle.net/static-render/us/korgath/200/84805576-profilemain.jpg

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