A September 6, 2010 Entry ReRun – DJais Beware..



So, I have not been down the shore since the summer of last year 2009, so Me and Melissa decide;  labor day weekend let’s go!

Woot! DJAIS right?? Wrong.  When I was 21, 4 years ago, I could not get enough of the big Juicebag Guido look alikes bumping into me and trying to “holla” but this time, not so much.

We wait on-line for an hour, already pissed that I forgot to pack my patience in my mini dooney and burke wrist-lit, my awesome phone, that I charged fully up until leaving the house was already at its half way mark to hell.   Standing sandwiched in with all these idiots.

Finally pay 10 bucks to be grilled into other people  (like a grilled cheese).   Why play music? There is not one space available to dance or breathe.  Pushing through people,  people pushing through you.   That is the majority of the night; a bunch a hamsters squeezing around a path to find… an idiot.

I drank soda because being drunk would just add to the dumb girls grinding on everything that moved, promoting the disrespect they will later oddly complain about.   Watching poor guys use the same line to the next five girls that push by, “hey wats your name (grabs a hand or waist without any ounce of permission) and then the guys who think legitimately that it’s ok to hump the shit out of you while your walking through and then when rejected say, “aww ur scared” SCARED of what exactly??  That I might vomit because u smell like body odor covered in bad cologne that you bought at Macy*s or that someone might think that I even know you??? Hmm… if that’s what you meant than I am TERRIFIED! RELAX ANIMALS! There’s enough free and willing poon in that place to recreate a new planet of people.  Get off me.

Wow… right?   Some of you may think I am hating on your lifestyle so listen “to each his own” I don’t care what anyone does, it’s not my prerogative.  This blog is simply a voice of my opinion with my perception.   Others may love it there and that’s cool;  maybe I am wrong, maybe it is the best place on earth and I should STFU.   It’s my perspective.

Continuing on.  It was cool to see some of the people from the neighborhood, so I did my crazy dance interlude.  I mean when in Rome. but that was short-lived because it was hot and I was being squished.  I actually was in a pushing war with some half juiced half mash potato looking fella,  he literally pushed me and when I pushed him back  he went flying.  Aw,  so it’s like a balloon.  You look big but it’s all air, cute at birthday parties I guess.  Float away please.

The music; it’s not even the same anymore,  just base.  I tried to dance, just no bueno.  Real music is now just a memory and we all know that but we learn to adapt to garbage very quickly.

It was a “lee” adventure.. it always is.  I have a real good story or 2 back when I went every weekend in 2006…I was right there, doing my thing, duplicating the same image that was appalling tonight.  I won’t be a hypocrite, I did it and I loved it at one point but my views have changed and I have obvious changed and I didn’t realize how much I did until last night.

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