To Say A Few Words, If I May…

When my little Italian family gets together for the holidays, there are two ways it can go.

  • Laugh until we are crying    OR
  • Fighting until I am leaving.

So this Thanksgiving, obviously I was a little concerned about how it would go.  Turns out, “thankfully”, I didn’t have to worry.  We laughed the entire day!  Don’t get me wrong, families at any given moment can be super annoying and there were those times during the course of the day but overall, it was a good day.

With that said, let me provide you with a Thanksgiving Glossary of 2011.

  1. Glumpy – A description given to an Apple Pie that has risen a bit high in certain spots.  That apple pie looks really glumpy, right?  [Creator of Many words – my dad]
  2. Bake Chef – Another name for a Baker or Pastry Chef.  Yea, Nicole might bring some cookies over later, her cousin is a bake chef and he makes all that “shit”. [my brother]
  3. Shwee-ah-del – A cookie that my dad cannot pronounce at all and my brother will say with conviction even though it is completely incorrect. You know, the Swee-ah-del. [dad and brother]
  4. Chalking – Most commonly know as talking but when you have food in your mouth, making fun of someone (me) who just choked on an olive because she was talking with food in her mouth, it may sound like this:  That’s what happens when you’re chalking with your mouthful.” [brother]

The list definitely goes on but at the moment, the words escape me.


Technology vs. Transportation

Today is Thanksgiving Eve and I am most thankful for being off for the next four days!  So today, getting up for work wasn’t so bad because I knew I just have to make it until 5pm.

I’m waiting for the Express bus and it is raining.  It’s okay, I have a four-day weekend ahead of me.  I am talking to my aunt on my cell as I do every morning on the way to work.  It’s the only time we really have to speak and she lives far far away.

I get on the bus and I talk pretty low because I know that people are so cranky in the morning and I only stay on for like 10 minutes out of the hour ride so up until now, it has never been a big deal.  This guy sits next to me and almost immediately he is tapping me on my arm and throwing a “Yo” my way.  (I hate when anyone touches me, let alone a cranky stranger).

I laughed in my head and obviously continued my conversation because after all, we were both using “Public Transportation” and this is not his bedroom.

And if it was…

Then I would totally understand his frustration and raise the bigger question as to why I was in this stranger’s bedroom to begin with.

But seriously, there is definitely a way to approach someone and it is  not touching someone without permission and throwing “yo” at me before 7am in the morning.  Still I wasn’t going to let it get me down!

Because after all, tomorrow begins a four-day weekend!  Nothing is taking that joy away from me, not even you, cranky man!

Good Day 🙂

Charlie Brown Peanuts Decorating Tips

In this great city of New York, you can find anything and spend your money without even planning to.  I just went on a few errands for my boss and this is what I came back with:

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.  This tree represents everything I am.  Now wave your hands around the tree with me and decorate it just like Linus, Lucy, Sally and the whole gang.

Ok, so that is my tree from last year but let’s pretend you helped me!

10 Shows That Should Return to Television

  1. Match Game 7x                                                                                        
  2. The Wonder Years                                                                                         
  3. The Cosby Show                                                                                              
  4. Singled Out                                                                                                        
  5. Daria                                                                                                                   
  6. Arrested Development                                                                                
  7. Grounded For Life                                                                                          
  8. Home Movies                                                                                                  
  9. Lie To Me                                                                               
  10.  Pop-Up Video – Which has apparently been revamped as of Oct. 3, 2011.   Sweet!                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Wouldn’t you agree??  What are your favorites from way back when?

Please Note:  **All clip art/logos/pictures have been provided by Wikipedia webpages of specific shows and have not been  created by Lee. **

10 Signs That Your Addicted to WOW (World of Warcraft)

  1. You create a blog entry about WOW Addiction.
  2. Your significant other finds you in your underwear jamming your finger on the computer key num row 1 key trying to kill a Horde.  (I am part of Alliance).
  3. You have chips, cheese wrappers and empty cups all around your desk, but no real food.
  4. You are starving and won’t get up because you are so close to leveling.
  5. Your significant other is waiting for you to just “hand in this last quest” for about an hour and a half now.
  6. In your dreams if you want to reach into your bag;  you are hitting the computer key B key over and over in mid-air.
  7. Every time you hear a gust of wind, you think someone has hit stealth around you.
  8. You are more concerned with making silver and gold when you are thinking about finances.
  9. Your main idea of bargain shopping is looting some really high level armor from your last kill.
  10. And finally, after a long day at the office, all you can think about doing when you get home, is switching on that power button, putting your headgear on and leveling the shit out of your character.

A Slightly Different Three’s Company: Christmas Decorating

This weekend I agreed to help my dad put up the Christmas Tree with my brother.  I haven’t really participated in decorating anything for Christmas in a while so I decided that this year should be different.

So, my brother is getting all the lights and ornaments out from the basement and he is coming across our science projects from grammar school.


I chime in, “Um, diorama for the 7th grade Language Fair?  That I won!  But yea it’s a diorama, not my diaphragm, gross.”  At this point, we were hysterically laughing.

Family of three with all possible cases of ADD, trying to put up the tree and decorate a fireplace can take way longer than it should.  I am putting the branches onto the tree and my brother realizes he needs to move his huge cigar box that he received for Christmas last year.  Normally, a person would just move it to a different location and continue on but not here.  For the next, 20-30 minutes, he and now my distracted father are looking in the cigar box, asking “where did these cigars go, let’s put a shot in there to keep it moist and fresh, did you finish those, I know it wasn’t me,” while I am trying to get this done and over with!

“Let’s go, do that later!  Let’s finish this!  You gotta do this right now?”  I said something along those lines and of course, my dad’s like, “Yea Lou, let’s do this later… so what kind of shot you want to put in there?”  Obviously, that was a lost cause.

Continuing on, my brother asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?” and every year, I say that I don’t really know, probably nothing.  So he says to us,  “She always says in November, I don’t know, nothing and then in December like right before Christmas that’s when she wants something.”

I ask him, “What do you want for Christmas?”  He says, “I don’t know yet.”  We all busted out laughing.

So we are just about done and my dad is looking at the tree.  He says to me, “Wow Lee, you did a really good job.”  I smiled.  “Except for that spot right there.”  And he points to the bottom.  I said, “Of course!”

After my brother and I put all the lights on, my dad tells us, “Well even if the tree looked like crap, I’d still like it because you guys did it.”

Hey, I think that is the best we are going to get from him so I’ll take it.  We all laughed and mumbled about how he is never 100% satisfied.

Everyone has a tradition, one that was started a long time ago, yesterday, today or that will be created.  It doesn’t matter what you do or how you spend the holidays as long as your with people who you care about.  For my family, we scream, yell and fight but we always end up laughing through it all whether it’s at ourselves or we are making fun of each other, that is our tradition.

How will you prepare for your holiday season?  What are some unique traditions you have, may have started recently or will start with your own family?



Why Women Shouldn’t Sleep with Men on the First Date

Since when do women volunteer and jump at the chance to do exactly what men want, nowadays anyway?  Here are some reasons why a woman should keep her legs closed on the first date!

  1. You don’t want to mess up your hair, make up and/or outfit that took you all day to prepare.
  2. You are looking for a long-term relationship.
  3. If he took you on  date and is spending his money on you, you probably have a chance.
  4. You want him to call you for another date.
  5. You want him to eventually introduce you to his friends and family.
  6. You want him to respect you.
  7. You want to have sex on a consistent basis with one guy!
  8. You actually like this guy.
  9. You realize you want your relationship with him to differ from the one with your gynecologist.
  10. Your friends don’t want to hear the same story about another first and last date because you “just couldn’t help it!

Subtle hint…

A September 6, 2010 Entry ReRun – DJais Beware..



So, I have not been down the shore since the summer of last year 2009, so Me and Melissa decide;  labor day weekend let’s go!

Woot! DJAIS right?? Wrong.  When I was 21, 4 years ago, I could not get enough of the big Juicebag Guido look alikes bumping into me and trying to “holla” but this time, not so much.

We wait on-line for an hour, already pissed that I forgot to pack my patience in my mini dooney and burke wrist-lit, my awesome phone, that I charged fully up until leaving the house was already at its half way mark to hell.   Standing sandwiched in with all these idiots.

Finally pay 10 bucks to be grilled into other people  (like a grilled cheese).   Why play music? There is not one space available to dance or breathe.  Pushing through people,  people pushing through you.   That is the majority of the night; a bunch a hamsters squeezing around a path to find… an idiot.

I drank soda because being drunk would just add to the dumb girls grinding on everything that moved, promoting the disrespect they will later oddly complain about.   Watching poor guys use the same line to the next five girls that push by, “hey wats your name (grabs a hand or waist without any ounce of permission) and then the guys who think legitimately that it’s ok to hump the shit out of you while your walking through and then when rejected say, “aww ur scared” SCARED of what exactly??  That I might vomit because u smell like body odor covered in bad cologne that you bought at Macy*s or that someone might think that I even know you??? Hmm… if that’s what you meant than I am TERRIFIED! RELAX ANIMALS! There’s enough free and willing poon in that place to recreate a new planet of people.  Get off me.

Wow… right?   Some of you may think I am hating on your lifestyle so listen “to each his own” I don’t care what anyone does, it’s not my prerogative.  This blog is simply a voice of my opinion with my perception.   Others may love it there and that’s cool;  maybe I am wrong, maybe it is the best place on earth and I should STFU.   It’s my perspective.

Continuing on.  It was cool to see some of the people from the neighborhood, so I did my crazy dance interlude.  I mean when in Rome. but that was short-lived because it was hot and I was being squished.  I actually was in a pushing war with some half juiced half mash potato looking fella,  he literally pushed me and when I pushed him back  he went flying.  Aw,  so it’s like a balloon.  You look big but it’s all air, cute at birthday parties I guess.  Float away please.

The music; it’s not even the same anymore,  just base.  I tried to dance, just no bueno.  Real music is now just a memory and we all know that but we learn to adapt to garbage very quickly.

It was a “lee” adventure.. it always is.  I have a real good story or 2 back when I went every weekend in 2006…I was right there, doing my thing, duplicating the same image that was appalling tonight.  I won’t be a hypocrite, I did it and I loved it at one point but my views have changed and I have obvious changed and I didn’t realize how much I did until last night.