Scrabble of Thoughts

We have so many predetermined expectations and perceptions on how certain aspects our of lives should be, like how we love and what that should feel like and what it should mean.  I am finding out on my own that these predetermined expectations and standards are unrealistic and unmanageable.  There is quite a feeling of uncertainty that coincides with loving someone and receiving love in return.  I have come to this realization by the observation of the music I like and listen to.  Most music that I hear and written about one person pining over the other.  Regardless of gender, the yearning is just the same through these lyrics.  The pining lyrics actually trigger a justification in the obsession one can carry for another person.  This is to me is a false justification.  Now let me explain why.

I love music.  It is so beautiful, I love the sounds of actually instruments rather than bass, bass, bass.  I always listen to the lyrics, listen to what they say literally and what they may mean and the words can relate to me  personally.  Most songs I hear are about love, typically because they are slower songs, pronounced voice and good instrumental backgrounds.  The lyrics led me to hope for, to pine for  a love that doesn’t exist.  I grew up with an idea of love that you give yourself to another person, you do what ever it takes to make that person happy and sacrificing your own happiness may be a result but you receive the ultimate gift and response that is, the love that person gives back to you.

My idea of love is twisted backwards.

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