Thought Bubbles

What we decide is acceptable and unacceptable but isn’t it up to an individuals perspective?

I was sitting on my desk today and I sneezed.  “Bless You” or “Ga Bless You” (because God forbid someone says “God”) but I digress.  A sneeze, a noise the body makes that we as people have accepted is not an embarrassing sound, it seems more like a dangerous occurrence which is proven by our response “Bless You”(even if God is not included in this saying, um who is blessing me?  It is still implied.  Ah ignorance)  A sneeze can sound differently from where ever it comes from but it almost always gets the same response.  Notice though, when you burp or make any other natural sound with your body, that is unacceptable and frowned upon.  It is strange what we allow ourselves to accept and disapprove of.  All natural occurrences of the body, yet we pick and chose what is embarrassing and what is not.

In New York City, there is a word or possibly it is a sound that New Yorkers make and not all of them but I noticed in the Italian community.  The word is “Youse”.  I personally have been saying this since I could talk because my family has been saying it since I was born and before.  “Youse want sumthin’ ta eat? What are youse doin?  When youse going?” etc.  For people who aren’t around these New Yorkers from that particular culture or any culture that does use this word, they are baffled and confused when they hear, “youse”.  It is something I grew up on and it is the incorrect way of saying, “You all”.  I like it though.  It makes sense to me.  Here’s my concern though.  Why is it incorrect to say, “youse” but “Sexting” was added into the dictionary as a word? Sexting rhymes with texting but it is about sex? Sounds just as ridiculous, too.   “Youse” is used in a large community of people just as texting terms are used in a community of people.  I have said this word since I am a child, whether it is correct or not, part of the English language or not, there are other people besides myself who understand this word and USE it as much or even more than I do.  Yet making up a word for dirty texting is more respected than saying “youse” to refer to when talking to more than one person.  We pick and choose what is acceptable yet again.

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