iPhone hits Home

Where there is death, there is birth.  Riding on the Express Bus from Staten Island to Manhattan, I saw lines of people awaiting the opening of various cell phone company store fronts.  That baffles my mind and I will tell you why.

I was on the bus at 6:50 AM.  Yes, AM and as painful as that sounds alone, I couldn’t imagine waiting in line for a cell phone.  I dread waking up early everyday, going to work and THEY are paying ME to be there.  So I can’t see waking up early, waiting in line and handing MY money over to someone else and putting all my own effort into being there.  Ok, you will say, “But I got this crazy awesomesauce iPhone and I got it the day it came out!”  Do you want a slow clap?

So, here’s how I see it, I am giving away money that I earned to have the slightly updated version of the phone I already have and probably bought less than a year ago and  I am waking up early to make sure that it is not sold out when I could probably get the same phone a few weeks later on my own time, when I have saved the money, when my contract is about to give me an upgrade or just keep the phone I have now because an upgrade isn’t better than something totally new and different that hasn’t even hit the market yet.

I get it, a cell phone nowadays is a necessity because God forbid someone tried to call us and we weren’t there to answer or ignore it and let the voice mail get it.  Phones are everywhere you are and I get that, it is the time that we live in, even though before cell phones people still managed to get through life.  “But how?”  Probably because we were less obsessed with each other as a society, which to me is probably healthier than where we are now as a society but I digress.

So my point is, I could never wait in line for something so miniscule and I don’t think I can ever understand the importance of all the effort.  I am no hypocrite either, I have a cell phone, I have material things that I use on daily basis that I have become accustomed to having everyday of my life BUT I also see the ridiculous-ness in that and strive to manage it differently if I possibly could.

Believe me, I know we all have to make a living and those people waiting in line are our tickets to doing so but I just wish that what we were selling had more depth at least something we could really be proud of.  Something that will add value to this world that is slowly crumbling over time, where talent is being pushed out but artificial substitutes are being welcomed because it is easier.

The easier life’s projects become for us, the less we have to do.  You think that sounds ideal but every life needs a purpose.  Fighting through the hard times makes life worth living because every result is one that you have earned by your own hand not by the hands of someone else.  Steve Jobs had a purpose founding these revolutionary technologies but we, who hold his product add no value by having it.

The questions for us, individually are, “What am I going to do to give my life purpose, what impact will I make, what value will I add, how will my talents show, how will hard work lead me to self-worth and satisfaction and how hard will I work for myself?”

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