Happiness: Contact High so Breathe In Deep

I had a three day weekend.  It was perfect.  Three days off and four days on, is the perfect balance to a healthy life.  I was excited to go to work today, I was well rested and I just felt at ease.  Too bad life is not always fair, back to the grind, woke up this morning to find that my alarm which still says it is on and functioning, did not go off this morning, leaving me about 20 minutes to do only what desperately needed to be done.  Shower, brush teeth/hair, get dressed and run out the door without my yoga clothes, yoga mat, makeup, contacts, sanity, etc.  First time my alarm didn’t go off since I started working at this job.  How fitting.

Well, better late than never!  I just finished watching the first season of Dexter!  Whoa, wow, whew, you need to pace around the room and a shot of jack after watching one episode.  Watching that is like having someone say, “don’t look now, but xyz is behind you with his new gf” and you don’t want to look but you have to look.  That is how I feel about Dexter, the suspense kills me but I have to know what happens next.  I am hooked and I am only 4 seasons behind now.  Shhh.. don’t tell me what happens.

The scarecrows are out and reppin’ it hard for Halloween.   Four days into October, now that is dedication for seasonal decorations.  I don’t decorate, I have a side apt so no one would see anyway.  I never was a big fan of Halloween, I liked the candy but I never liked to go up to “stranger(s)” door steps and ask for candy, especially when you parents drill into you, “Don’t talk to strangers or eat anything that a stranger gives you”.  Holidays aren’t the same anymore, I thought at first it was because I don’t see through the eyes of a child anymore but it is not.  Halloween crowds are way smaller, more parents work leaving less time before dark to “Trick or Treat”.  If anything, there is more of the mischievous tricks then there are sweet treats.  I dressed up as a child in the costumes that were home made by my mother.

  • Cat: Black stretchies,  black shirt, felt ears glued on a blackhead back and tail pinned on my butt.
  • 50’s girl:  white shirt, white kix, a pink dress with a poodle hot glued on and a pony tail.
  • French Maid: Nylon skirt with ruffles, apron pinned up, black shirt, duster and some red lipstick.

Just to name a few.

I don’t usually mention my mother.  You will notice but you will not know why.  Not now, at least.  We will leave that alone… for now.

I’m still using this long weekend to get me through today.  Riding on that happiness high for a just a wee bit longer.  Do you blame me?  It is very rare, that I shut out the negative and  hold on to the positive, so I am going to ride this one out.

There is a lot you won’t know about me and a lot I cannot hide.  That may not make sense to you but it makes a world of sense to me somehow.  I view the world through different eyes, I try to experience life in all perspectives, something that my past has taught me to do, I just haven’t figured out if this defense mechanism will benefit me or lead me to my own demise.

Time will Tell.

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