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I read, “A Place of Yes” by Bethenny Frankel recently.  I must say I really enjoyed it.  I told a few people, I was reading it and their first reaction was, “Why are you reading that? Who is Bethenny?  All she did was make a margarita.”  Until I explain that she is highly motivated and very successful, giving hope to younger generations of women to conquer their trials and tribulations that try to stop them from working to their highest potential.

The book talks about her specific experiences in her life and how she has used 10 steps to get over her past, be productive in her present and make a very successful future.  She touches on her childhood, past relationships and her relationships now and how her relationships were all interconnected and ended in the same result due to her upbringing.  She also touches on career choices, attitudes towards her choices and how she made the decisions she made.

As a young woman myself, reading this book, I didn’t want it to end.  I was so motivated while reading it, I wanted to hold on to those last few pages forever and I did hold off reading the last chapter for 2 weeks, so keep it going as long as I could.  I am sure some people look at this book and say, “A Real Housewife of NYC?” and I wouldn’t blame them, after seeing some of the books that some of the cast members have written or said they wrote.  I have seen the show and I have watched Bethenny Frankel’s spin-off on Bravo TV.  And I will say, Bethenny is not like the other “reality” stars because her life is captivated on-screen and it isn’t all hair and make up.  She was in labor for GOSH SAKES and her face/jaw was so swollen, I know that wasn’t added for the audience.  Sorry Bethenny, you would have said it too.

I am only a viewer, this is all based on my opinions.  I think Bethenny has done something that most other reality stars that I know of haven’t done.  Inspired and motivated the audience to live to their potential.  Showing us that any Joe Shmoe, Jane Doe, can achieve success even if our parents sucked, we were broke and had nothing.  I guess she gives us a sense of hope.  Well me anyway.  I have so many dreams and until reading this book, I thought they were only dreams.  I mean I live in one of the greatest cities in the world.  NYC.  There is no reason why I can’t add value to this world.

I think it is admirable for someone who is “famous” to maintain themselves in the process and continuously add value to the world and make money at the same time.

I know that Bethenny will probably never see this blog, but if she happens to, I would like to thank you for inspiring me.  This morning, I didn’t want to breathe another breath and I live with constant disappointment, until I remembered to Break the Chain and come from A Place of Yes.

If you ever create a magazine catered to women’s health, relationship stories and childhood stories so that other people like us can relate, find me and I will write for you.  I have so many stories and so much to offer.  I am a starving writer waiting for a break and like you I am going to make it… BIG.

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