Tap Water

Dreary days lie to your face, they are ahead of you, they are behind you or they are giving you  a flat tire shoe.  What happens when you don’t make any sense?  What if I just write random things as they shoot out of my brain and travel vigorously through my veins, spilling out of my fingertips without filtering the lead out?  Raw words coming out of the tap.

The link “move to trash” keeps staring at me and I keep looking at my reflection to see if there is an eyelash on my face or something worse.

Writing is probably my most favorite skill that I have ever used.  No matter what, no matter where I am, I can do it, even if there is no topic at hand.  Like today, I will just write random thoughts, because if you really think about it, you are thinking every second of your life, about anything, about nothing, but your mind is constantly going, going, going and for a writer or any creative person, it goes literally until it’s gone.  So why would writing random thoughts down or typing them rather, although I prefer with all hands down, the pen to paper.  I love how ink glides.  I digress.  So writing random thoughts may not make sense, may not coincide, may be everything your interested in or nothing you would want to read.

I am a poet.  I write poetry.  I don’t read poetry nearly as much as I should considering it is a great passion of mine.  I write about truth, I interpret your pain into words.  I go inside your feelings and I spew them out into words for other people to experience.  Maybe to warn, maybe to enlighten, and maybe to just see truth.

I don’t like fiction.  I don’t like fantasy.  Unless fiction has an underlying truth.  I am driven by honesty.  I want to be honest.  I want to be real, even when I’m fake.  I respect truth even if it is wrapped up in a gut wrenching package and postmarked in blood.  Which means and goes with out even saying…I hate dishonesty.  I don’t hate fiction.  I don’t hate creativity.  There is a difference.  I prefer not to read or write fiction as a personal choice but I think it comes with great skill to create fiction.  Maybe it is because I feel I haven’t tried or mastered that skill so I do not prefer to venture into it.  Maybe my childhood experiences molded me into not wanting to  fantasize about things I can not have or people I will never know.

I have never had a “celebrity crush”, I am probably not the biggest fan of celebrities today.  I am a fan of raw talent and admire people who use their talents to add value in this world.  Artists.  In the form of any God-given gift.  I hope that I can use the skills I possess to add value and inspiration to those who see passed all the nonsense.

I don’t have cable or basic television.  In almost 2 years, and every time I say this to someone, “wow, that’s weird!  what do you do then?”  is the response I get.  I hope there are other people out there who read this blog and can understand where I am coming from when I say, whatever is currently on television, is shit.  Yes, there are few exceptions but for the amount of channels that people pay for, there is nothing worth wasting my time for when I could be using my skills towards something greater.

Please excuse my grammatical errors, I am still a product of this technology based century and I am from New York.

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